Done For You Ebook - Love Yourself in 4 simple steps



Done For You Ebooks - Love Yourself in 4 Simple Steps - Build Your List Or Give Clients An Extra Bonus

  • 4 habits your reader can implement with ease to begin their self-love journey
  • 3 Cover options with 3D mockups to use on your site
  • 1 magazine style 3D mockup to show the inside of the guide
  • 12 pages of content with a forward and call to action at the end to sell your coaching/wellness services
  • 2 Pages with workbook section prompt to spark action


Each Done For You Ebook Is Only $47 Saving You At Least 8+ Hours Of Time!

Writing your own ebook can be tricky - trying to find the time. Not to mention how long it would take to design your ebook in a format that looks appealing and professional (not thrown together). 

With each white label ebook, you get high quality content, written and designed professionally so you can feel at ease knowing you are offering up sound advice to your clients or following who download it. 

As soon as you purchase, you'll have immediate access to download your ebook template and tutorials on how to edit your ebook inside Powerpoint or Keynote. You are free to edit as much or as little as you need to. The ebook is yours to use as your own, with your name on it!

Here's how you could use the content:

  • Free opt-in freebie on your website to build your email list
  • Bonus for signing up to your coaching or wellness program
  • Free download as part of your newsletter
  • Paid ebook on your website for $3-$10
  • The options are endless.....


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3 cover images and 8 pages of content with 3D mockups

What's Inside:

Love Yourself Ebook

Content Owner

Kylie Malcolm

Content Creator and Kick-Butt Website Designer for Coaches wanting to build their business online. AKA - The Fairy Godmother

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